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I have been minding my own business for too long since I became a member of whats app  but this time round l am having weird thoughts on my whatsapp list of friends...

1. Someone's status is 'sleeping' for 13 days. Are you  dead?

2. Someone is "driving" for 5 days. Probably he has arrived in Egypt by now.

3. Someone's "happy" for one month. Do you live in paradise?

4. Someone's always 'Available'. How free are you?

5. Someone is like from day one 'Hey there. I am using WhatsApp.' I know! And that is why you are on my list.

6. Someone status 'Urgent calls only'. Are you in the ambulance services?

7. Someone status 'Can't talk. WhatsApp only'. My friend, throw away that phone. You are not using it for its primary function.

8. Another say they are 'At the gym'. I wish to see their shape when they come out of it.

9. Another says  'In a meeting' for like 6 months. Are you planning to sell Africa or how to dry the Pacific ocean?

10. Someone else says 'Battery about to die' for 3 months. Boss, is your battery immortal.

11. Another says 'At the movies' for the last 6 weeks. Are you selling popcorn there?!

12 Another says "Busy" busy at what..converting oxygen into carbon dioxide?
Lol..😂 😂 😂

Please don't forget to   change your status..😂😂😂😂