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An interview with Japanese PM.

Me: Sir, how to address you? If I say your name it sounds rude in our language. Like “Abe oye”.
Him: Call me Shinzobhai, like NaMo does.
Me: Shinzobhai, first let’s talk about safety. How will our Bullet Train avoid derailment?
Him: What is derailment?
Me: Bogies are falling off track because of signal error.
Him: What is signal error?
Me: I think it is when two trains are about to do head-on collision.
Him: What is head-on collision?
Me: Head-on collision happens here when 2033 Up Karnavati Express from left side and 4012 Down Duronto from right side are on same track.
Him: Why?
Me: These things happen in India. Anyway, tell me, if Bullet Train is so fast how will it stop quickly when there is chain pulling?
Him: What is chain pulling?
Me:We need to do when there is emergency like Rail Roko.
Him: What is Rail Roko?
Me: It is when we do Dharna.
Him: What is Dharna?
Me: okay forget it. But tell me, how will speeding Bullet Train avoid those who are crossing the tracks?
Him: What is crossing the tracks?
Me: We do to save time. But maybe with Bullet Train we will save so much time that we will finally stop breaking the rules.
Him: What is breaking the rules?
Me: Nothing Shinzobhai. That was in old, dynasty India. Now with Bullet Train we are a new nation